Layout critique

Layout design that you would like to have LD SIG members critique.

HO - Tempe Industrial Lead - Michael Powell

I'm still trying to find a prototypical pike, one that is managable to build but interesting to operate. I've based this idea on a number of visits I've made to the actual location, plus refering to the 2002 UP track charts, and of course hours of peering at Google Earth and Bing Maps.

A potential 16' x 10' purpose built shed could be available for this pike...

Givens and Druthers

HO - Frisco River Divison - Cape Girardeau & Southwestern - Keith Robinson

Please take a look and tell me what you think.  This layout is an attempt to reproduce what was in Cape Girardeau, Mo  in 1950 with a focus on switching, supported by through-train operation from north staging (St Louis) or south staging (Chaffee).  The MoP action was local from Scott City into the west end of Cape Girardeau.  The yard and mains belonged to the Frisco with Frisco servicing everything other than the MoP spur into west Cape.  The MoP had track rights from the MoP junction with the Frisco, into the Frisco yard (for servicing west Cape).  Marq

N - PRR Catskill division - Erik Wejryd

This is a trackplan representing a part of a freelanced extension of the PRR from Wilkes-Barre PA to Schenectady NY.

HO-Union Pacific Freelance-Jermie Arnold

This layout is inspired by a layout I liked in MR Magazine.  I have adjusted a couple of things, but it still has some issues.  The Main line is red, with Yard and station lines in Brown and staging in Yellow.  The Red line is a graded line of about 2.5-3% most of the way.  I have added a blue line that decends back to the 0" elevation.  Any thoughts or criticisms would be helpful.

HO - Torsney/Grohs RR - Bruce Torsney

Sn3 - Durango, Rico & Northern - Jon Stetz


Plan Critiques

Post your track plan/layout design here if you would like to have members of the LD SIG give you a critique. Once you have added your track plan or design here, also go add a topic thread to the LD SIG Forum with the same name as your layout page: HO - Siskiyou Line - Joe Fugate and mention you've posted a new design to the wiki layout critique section.

How To Get Layout Critiqued by Experts

I built Atlas's HO35 layout, Berkshire Valley Route. I modified the original yard to contain a Main line (entrance track into yard), Arrival/Departure track, a run around track and five storage tracks. I was hoping to have this layout critiqued by experts, for ideas of how to further improve it.

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