HO - Torsney/Grohs RR - Bruce Torsney

Trainboard WEST ViewTrainboard EAST View

I'm more interested in an "operational" layout as compared to a "Scenery"  oriented one. My track plan is from Atlas's "Big Track Plan Book," HO35, Berkshire Valley Route; the size is 4 x 12 feet. I have included an original schematic and photos of my own upgrades.

I have revamped the yard to include an arrival/departure track. I did this by simply adding two turn-outs to the two longest tracks. I also added five storage and a run around track. On the opposite side of the twelve foot section, from the yard and original reverse track,  I've added a second "reverse track." I've removed two of the short 9 inch bridges, in favor of one 18 inch one. I did this to open up this "East-end Property" for some kind of switching operation. At the West-end (west=left) of the property, inside the second loop I would like ideas for some type of "action" industry to place there. For my last track modification to the original 4 x 12 layout, I want to reconnect the West end of the yard back to the Main Line.

I also upgraded about half of the switch machines to Tortoise. Each upgrade has an "electrified frog" and bi-colored LEDs to show the switch position.

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